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You deserve nothing but the best in terms of eye care. At the Monterey Bay Eye Center, we strive to make comprehensive and high-quality eye care available to all residents of Monterey, CA.

Issues affecting your eyes can adversely affect your quality of life. Therefore, they must be dealt with promptly and adequately to ensure they don't cause any lasting damage. There’s no need to search for “ophthalmology near me” on your phone. Instead, visit our clinic today and allow us to provide the services you need.


Who Can Guide You To The Correct Treatment

Monterey Bay Eye Center takes a team approach to comprehensive eye care. The ophthalmologists and optometrists here in Monterey, CA focus on identifying and treating all diseases and conditions of the eye carefully monitoring our patients.

Seek Treatment for Your Eye Issues

Taking immediate action is necessary if you are having problems with your eyes. Contact us at the Monterey Bay Eye Center or drop by our clinic in Monterey, CA if you need expert eye care as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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