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If you've been searching for "ophthalmology near me" or "ophthalmologist near me," you should know that Monterey Bay Eye Center in Monterey, CA, is the leading cataract treatment facility in the area. We have a team of leading ophthalmologists who all have experience with cataract surgery. Our patients often have many questions about cataracts, so we decided to put together an FAQ to help our patients inform themselves.

What are cataracts?


Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens of your eye. They can significantly impair your vision and can even cause blindness if left unchecked. Cataracts occur in people of all ages, though the elderly are most commonly affected.

What symptoms do cataracts cause?

Cataracts are well-known for causing blurry vision. This may be the only symptom that you notice for years, as cataracts usually progress slowly. As your cataracts get worse, you may notice that your eyes are much more sensitive to light and that you have trouble seeing at night.

What causes this condition?

Cataracts are most frequently associated with aging. This is why they are so common among elderly people. However, certain birth defects can cause cataracts in babies. Cataracts can also be caused by trauma or exposure to radiation. Smoking tobacco has also been identified as a risk factor for cataracts as has diabetes.

How can cataracts be treated?

In the early stages of the condition, cataracts are often treated with glasses. While this does not address the cause of the condition, it can improve vision. However, people with moderate or severe cataracts may not see much improvement in their vision from using glasses.

The only way to cure cataracts is by removing the clouded lenses and replacing them with artificial lenses. This is a safe and effective procedure, especially when performed by an experienced surgeon. This is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia.

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