Signs You May Have Glaucoma


Signs You May Have Glaucoma

Glaucoma, often referred to as the “silent thief of sight,” is a progressive eye disease that damages the optic nerve, gradually stealing your vision without warning. The insidious nature of glaucoma makes early detection crucial, as vision loss caused by the disease is irreversible. Fortunately, many telltale signs can alert you to the potential presence of glaucoma. If you are looking for an eye exam from an ophthalmologist near you or an optometrist near you, we at Monterey Bay Eye Center in Monterey, CA, are here to help.

Subtle Vision Changes

One of the first indicators of glaucoma can be subtle changes in your peripheral vision. This manifests as a gradual narrowing of your field of view, akin to looking through a tunnel. You might miss objects off to the side or have difficulty navigating in dimly lit environments. Additionally, blurry or hazy vision can be another early symptom.

Halos and Headaches

In some cases, symptoms present more acutely. You might experience intense eye pain, accompanied by headaches and nausea. Halos or rings around lights are another indicator. These symptoms may require immediate medical attention, as they may signify a rapid rise in eye pressure.

Regular Eye Exams are Key

While experiencing visual changes or pain can be a wake-up call, a more effective way to combat glaucoma is through proactive prevention. Scheduling regular eye exams with your ophthalmologist or optometrist can be crucial for early detection, even if you have no noticeable symptoms. During these exams, we will measure your eye pressure, assess your optic nerve health, and perform other tests to identify any signs of glaucoma. If you are looking for help from a glaucoma doctor, we are here for you.

Get an Eye Exam from an Ophthalmologist Near You or Optometrist Near You on Our Team

If you suspect you might have glaucoma, or if it’s simply time for your next eye exam, don’t hesitate to contact Monterey Bay Eye Center. Our team of experienced ophthalmologists and optometrist is dedicated to providing professional eye care, including glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let glaucoma steal your sight – take control of your eye health today. Schedule an appointment with Monterey Bay Eye Center in Monterey, CA, and prioritize the precious gift of vision. Call us at (831) 372-1500 for eye care from a glaucoma doctor.

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